BitCoin is Gold 2.0

Bitcoin and things like it is the equivalent of the red pill okay we are entering a completely world of uncharted water you made any investments in because I mean I personally I own Bitcoin in my hedge fund I on Bitcoin in my fund I on Bitcoin in my private account it is a huge deal it’s a huge huge huge deal because what you’re talking about right now is for the next three to five years an unbelievably better store value it is gold 2.0 I think this is the currency a currency that’s really going to work eventually i think it is working and there will be other currencies like it that may maybe even better that in the meantime there’s a big industry around bitcoin and you know people have made fortunes that bitcoins bitcoin there is no bit quick company there is no Bitcoin building there’s not even a Bitcoin server anywhere that you could shut down it is completely distributed that’s what’s unique about Bitcoin it is for the first time a way for the two of us to exchange value online without a third-party intermediary until the invention of Bitcoin for you need to exchange money online we had to employ a third party like PayPal like Visa like MasterCard right and we live in the 21st century if we want to have a video call to China we can do that for free but to send a couple hundred bucks which is essentially just ones and zeros being moved around costs five percent plus takes over Italy bitcoin is exciting because it shows how cheap it can be bitcoin is is better than currency in that you don’t have to catch me physically in the same place and of course the large transactions currency can get pretty inconvenient else if bitcoin trading in a thousand two thousand five thousand ten thousand Rick bought Pina does an excellent analysis he predicts that Bitcoin will capture between one and ten percent of the global forex market which implies the price of between one hundred thousand to a million dollars per bitcoin most of the people or on the sidelines not buying bitcoin today will start to buy bitcoin when it gets over a thousand and then a greater percentage of people will definitely plow into bitcoin was dark in over ten thousand it’s still predicting bitcoin ten thousand dollars per bitcoin in three years sorry he is the CEO of zappos is a bitcoin wallet and bitcoin ball i think it’s mostly a very positive thing i think we’re going to see ups and downs like with any other emerging technology and but i think we beacon is here to stay and make sense that that it be packed and pretty like any other so let’s take a boat call here in 10 years what do you think that point will be worth one bitcoin between half a million dollars and a million-dollar a lot of people are just seeing the charts i’m thinking how high let’s go what I’m doing is counting backwards I mean this is a transactional this is a transactional currency and it is a store of value as such it is a product under service competing on a very tangible market for stores or value and for transactional currencies so what is the what is the size of that market right and the importance and how much how big a market share can bitcoin realistically tight within a foreseeable time frame when you ask that question then you come up with a with a market cap of Bitcoin total and then you divide that by the number of bitcoins in circulation by that by your estimated time and seeing how Chinese are buying Bitcoin I crazy actually answer justice number upwards but then you come up with a number of about two to five million dollars buy bitcoins it’s just as the everyone go back to buy one Bitcoin not not too much owning wise enough is very wise it’s worded people just to go back by one Bitcoin you know the big coin value go to the 1 million dollar when you need become have 1 million dollar you know the all-around is the world is it will be crazy and everyone will be the follow and the other due to currency just to be you know the granny sounds a bit coin so for me I think for a lot of people they don’t exactly understand why bitcoin is Bitcoin the currency of the future or is it the payment system they’re developing bingo it’s the payment system it’s the black chain encryption and there are interesting things I think Bitcoin or the really blockchain encryption that’s behind it has a greater ability to bring more of the world’s population out of poverty than anything we’ve seen if you’re new to Bitcoin take your time to go out there and google it and learn about it it truly is one of the most important inventions of the history of humankind and certainly the most important invention since the internet go out there make a Bitcoin wallet get involved start using it learn about all the positive ways in which this is going to improve the lives of every single person on the planet get involved do it today it’s going to help everybody thank you.